BMW K1600 B Motorcycle A bagger version of BMW's touring motorcycle, this bike gets a low-slung silhouette, foot-forward riding position, and two deep-set side cases.


A BMW is probably the last badge you’ll expect to see when checking out a group of folks riding bagger motorcycles any place in the US. That might change soon if the German automaker gets its way since their newest motorcycle, the BMW K1600 B, is undeniably inspired by American touring machines.

That’s right, BMW turned the K1600 GT into a bagger. You know, the kind of bikes you’ll usually find with either a Harley or Indian badge. And it legitimately looks like one, with a stretched low-slung silhouette, deep-set side cases for your bags (complete with tail lights integrated right into them), and a characteristic burly size.


In true touring style, the BMW K1600 B adopts a foot-forward riding position and a relaxed knee angle, although seating is still oriented toward the front wheel, so it’s not exactly the same ergonomics as a tried and true Harley.  It retains the GT’s six-cylinder 1,649cc engine, which puts out 160 horsepower and 129 pound-feet of torque, along with an electronic suspension sporting adaptive dampers, dynamic traction control, and two riding modes (road and cruise).


Features include standard ABS, 320mm disc brakes, chrome-plated silencers, 17-inch wheels, sport-touring tires, heated grips and seats, and reverse-assist capability accessible on the left-hand handlebar panel. You get both a speedometer and a tachometer, as well as a 5.7-inch color TFT display for checking additional information.


No pricing has been listed for the BMW K1600 B, but you can learn more from the link below.

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