Blundstone 150th Anniversary Edition A special edition of the outfit's Chelseas, the footwear commemorates their 150th year of making some of the finest boots in the world.

Chances are, you’ve seen Blundstone 500s, those incredibly comfortable and unbelievably durable Chelsea boots that turned into a worldwide phenomenon sometime around the new millennium. They’re awesome. Apparently, the Australian outfit behind those boots have been plying their trade for over one and a half century. To celebrate that occasion, they’re releasing the Blundstone 150th Anniversary Edition.

Billed as a “limited-edition anniversary boot,” the footwear takes the outfit’s signature Chelsea silhouette, decks it in premium materials, and throws in a few special touches to separate it from the pack. The result is a boot that, let’s be honest, still looks and feels like their standard Chelsea fare, albeit with a few cool elements the more detail-oriented among us might be able to appreciate.

The Blundstone 150th Anniversary Edition is built much like most of the outfit’s boots. They take a single piece of thick leather, cut it into a V-shape, and form it into a boot, adding only a heel insert for reinforcement to break up the unibody construction. In this case, they use premium water-resistant leather in a rich auburn color that’s inspired by the earthly tones of Tasmania, where the outfit is headquartered. They pair that exterior with a 0.6mm leather lining that features embossed patterns to commemorate the anniversary edition, with double-stitching throughout to ensure it holds up through work, travel, or whatever else you throw its way.

It gets black elastic on the side in the classic Chelsea aesthetic both for comfort and style, along with updated pull tabs in a golden hue with labels to commemorate the anniversary. Outside, the shoe gets 150 embossed on the outer heel leather, just so you don’t mistake it for the regular 500s while it sits on your shoe rack, in case you have one in the same auburn color.

The Blundstone 150th Anniversary Edition has Poron XRD in the heel strike zone, which dissipates any impact on that area, while the removable EVA footbed is designed to conform to your feet over time, making it even more comfortable the longer you wear the boots. It gets a TPU outsole that should look familiar to anyone who’s worn 500s before, so this should be plenty comfortable to walk in. According to the product page, the outsole will provide excellent traction in a wide variety of settings, all while resisting oils, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, so your shoes can last you for a long time. As with many of the outfit’s boots, it uses the SPS Max Comfort system, which includes a sole construction meant to reduce orthopedic problems and individual elements that minimize the impact in every stride.

These days, you don’t really need to convince people on the merits of Chelsea boots. The fact that you can slip in and out of them without messing with shoelaces is one of the greatest conveniences ever devised for a boot. Seriously, that makes them as convenient as your flip-flops while being as protective as most casual hiking footwear.

The Blundstone 150th Anniversary Edition is available now, priced at $204.95.

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