BlazePod Flash Reflex Training System Designed to add flash reflex training to any workout, these light-up pods will train your coordination and reflexes like never before.

Most people train for fitness. That is, they look to build muscle and burn fat. If you’re looking to train better at any type of sport or physically-demanding task, however, you’ll need to train for much more than that. Some people do workouts to improve their hand-eye coordination. Others perform exercises that challenge the speed of their reflexes. The BlazePod can help train you for fitness, coordination, and reflexes all at the same time.

A set of discs with LEDs at the top, the lights can be integrated into most types of workouts as prompts, telling you where to go next, what to do next, or what action to execute. Basically, it adds an element of randomness to any workout that can force you to sharpen your focus, pay attention to the moment, and respond much quicker to ever-changing conditions. As you can imagine, this can help a lot in training your reflexes and coordination, apart from making sure you’re not lost in your head at any point during a workout.

The BlazePod is sold as a set of six pods with RGB LEDs on top that can light up in one of eight different colors. It’s controlled by a companion app, which decides the sequence in which the pods light up, depending on what kind of activity you’re doing. Pressing at the top of a pod turns the LEDs back off, which informs the app that you’ve completed that part of the sequence, so it can proceed to the next. According to the outfit, the transparent shell on top of each pod is smash-proof, so people can tap it, press it, punch it, and even step on it without damaging the LEDs, apart from being IP65 water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your dripping sweat causing any problems.

Up to 12 pods can be used for a single workout, so you can chain together complex drills for more advanced training. Each pod, by the way, contains its own battery, which holds enough power to keep it running for up to eight hours between charges. Oh yeah, this thing charges wirelessly, with the ability to charge all six pods at the same time by simply stacking them on top of the included charging base.

The BlazePod app comes with pre-programmed drills, exercise, and workouts that use flash reflex training. Many of them require no equipment (basically involves a lot of running, jumping, and bodyweight exercises), making it an ideal way to get some exercise at home without having to do the usual 10 pushups, 15 sit-ups, and 20 burpees that can get really boring after a bit. When the world returns to normal and your gym is open again, there are also pre-programmed activities that use specific equipment like pull-up bars, heavy bags, and other gym staples, along with sport-specific training for basketball, soccer, racquet sports, boxing, martial arts, soccer, and more. And yes, you can customize many of the workouts exactly to your liking, so you can change things up to work best for your particular situation.

The BlazePod is available now.

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