Birdwell Beach Britches Newport Jacket This light jacket makes a great garment for chilly nights in the beach, all while looking handsome enough for a night out on the town, too.


With the summer on its tail end, opportunities to spend the night in the beachside bar with nothing but a tank top and board shorts is starting to get more sparse. Simply put, it’s time to prepare for the chillier nights the shoulder season has in store. A light jacket like Birdwell’s Newport Jacket will serve you well on those nights.

Named after Newport, Rhode Island (for what reason, we’re not quite sure), the garment sports a beach-friendly design that won’t look too out of place by the water, all while bearing a clean and sophisticated cut that makes it stylishly suited for a night on the town. Doing surf checks of local beaches on a chilly morning? Slip this on and people won’t even notice the bedhead you’re rocking (we lied, they will). How about an outdoor concert in chillier fall weather? This thing should serve you just as well there, too.


The Birdwell Newport Jacket takes on a handsome style that, the outfit claims, embraces the understated look that ruled the roost back when Steve McQueen and Paul Newman ruled the screen. We know, that’s a little too far back into the past for us, as well, but we imagine they harken a clean style focused on essentials – a look that this jacket seems to carry well. Tfruth be told, we’re loving the styling, as it looks like it can pair well with a whole load of things, from jeans and khakis for a day of gallivanting to board shorts and swim shorts for a fun day at the beach.

It’s cut from the same sail-inspired nylon as the outfit’s board shorts, with both the body and liner layers using the same two-ply SurfNyl. All parts, by the way, are hand-cut and double-stitched with high-strength nylon thread, ensuring it exhibits the necessary durability to go along with its understated good looks. Do note, this isn’t a rugged garment, so while those seams will definitely hold to plenty of movements, it’s probably best not to wear it when you’re taking on more rugged activities.


The Birdwell Newport Jacket has a brass zipper closure, so you can quickly zip it shut when you feel the chill in the air and open it in one swift move when the weather isn’t quite as breezy. There are no chest pockets, but they do throw in hand pockets during nights you need a little more warmth. Other elements include a wood button on the cuff, tan stitching, and a woven label on the inner side of the jacket’s rear.


According to the outfit, the jacket has a regular fit, so you need to order one size up if you prefer your jackets to hang loosely off your body. It comes in two colors, by the way: an earthy olive color for those who like their clothes to blend in and a bright paprika one if you like wearing brighter shades.

The Birdwell Beach Britches Newport Jacket is available now, priced at $129.

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