Birdwell Baja Fisherman Sweater Birdwell takes the classic Baja sweater and decks it in a cable knit merino blend, giving the traditional Mexican garment a classier aesthetic.

Yes, the Baja sweater is a staple in most cannabis cardholder’s closet. It’s a garment originally made from hemp, after all, making it a highly symbolic part of that whole subculture. That doesn’t mean you can’t cop the look if you don’t partake in a regular subsistence of the increasingly legal herb. Especially so when the garment looks as good as the Birdwell Baja Fisherman Sweater.

A knitted hoodie take on the classic drug rug silhouette, it’s a mashup of classic styles commonly worn around the rugged North California coastline. Specifically, they mixed the Baja sweater shape with cable knit patterns, turning out a look that’s undeniably contemporary yet feels timeless at the same time.

The Birdwell Baja Fisherman Sweater is cut in a premium knit wool that’s made from 55 percent merino wool, 20 percent cotton, and 25 percent nylon. It’s an interesting blend, one that should give you all the technical abilities of merino, from wicking moisture and elasticity to climate control and its natural creation of an antimicrobial environment, all while enjoying some of the softness of cotton and the toughness of nylon. And yes, it resists odors as well as any traditional merino wool garment, so it’s the kind of sweater that you can wear many times between washes.

As for the style itself, it takes the classic Mexican jacket and updates it with small functional details, such as thumbholes on both sleeves, loop closure with redwood buttons, and side vents. Of course, it gets the staple hoodie and hold-it-all kangaroo pocket, too, along with Birdwell’s signature stripes on the left sleeve.

The Birdwell Baja Fisherman Sweater is available in two colors, flesh and navy. Price is $199.95.

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