Biolite Powerlight Mini This pocket-sized lighting tool combines four white LEDs with three red LEDs, allowing it to serve both camp lantern and bicycle tail light duties.


At around half the size of an iPhone, Biolite’s Powerlight Mini is small enough to keep in your pocket. Despite the compact size, it’s quite the powerful and versatile device, with its ability to serve as a camplight, a bike light, and even a power bank when your phone needs a quick boost.

Designed for versatile use, it comes with a clip-on rear panel that allows you to attach it to a shirt pocket for use as a work light, apart from lighting your way in the dark when walking across trails in the nighttime. The same clip also functions as a kickstand, letting you set it down on any flat surface for use as a table lamp, with an integrated mount that lets you equip it for use as a bicycle tail light.


The Biolite Powerlight Mini comes with four white LEDs and three red LEDs, allowing it to function in three different modes: lantern for desk lamp use, red light for tail light function, and flash/strobe for whatever situation you may find it useful. In the brightest setting, it can put out 135 lumens in a flood-style beam, making it ideal for use as both a camp lantern and a handy work light around the house, with the lowest setting putting out just two lumens. It comes with a rechargeable 1,300 mAh battery that can keep it operating at the highest setting for up to 5 hours, with a USB charging function that lets it double as a power bank that can charge most phones to around 50 percent capacity.


Available now, the Biolite PowerLight Mini is priced at $44.95.

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