Billykirk No. 486 Schoolboy Satchel While based on the classic schoolboy satchels from WWII-era Europe, this Billykirk creation is more suited for the office.


Yes, the Billykirk No. 486 Schoolboy Satchel is based on the bags little boys carried to school back in WWII-era Europe. Despite the grade school inspiration, however, the combination of premium materials and handcrafted construction ensure this is more suitable for carrying to the office than your children’s elementary classes.

Sporting a briefcase profile, the bag comes with enough room to hold books, documents, and a 15-inch laptop, along with most any of stuff you normally bring to the office. And, yes, it looks refined enough to pair with your most business suits, ensuring it can go with the most dapper outfits.


The Billykirk No. 486 Schoolboy Satchel is made from Horween vegetable-tanned leather, with a dyed grain side and a naturally-colored inner panel. A leather divider inside allows you to separate your gear for better organization, making it easy to isolate your laptop from gadgets and accessories that can scratch it. It uses an exterior seam construction that adds a truly vintage aesthetic to the piece, along hand-carved custom cast hardware that matches the original ones used in classic satchels.


Features include a leather carry handle, a leather strap closure, and adjustable shoulder strap. It comes in four colors: natural, tan, brown, and black.

Available now, the Billykirk No. 486 Schoolboy Satchel is priced at $475.

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