Beyond Clothing K5 Modus Jacket Designed for warmer weather, this non-insulated jacket is stretchy, breathable, and moisture-wicking, so you can cover up without sweating out.

Why would you wear a jacket when it’s warm outside? We’re not sure. But if you slip on a jacket as part of your everyday style, then it makes sense you’ll still want to have one even during the summer months. Except, you can’t just wear any jacket, since that will be too hot, which is why the Beyond Clothing K5 Modus Jacket exists.

Designed for “active use in warmer climates,” it’s a non-insulated jacket that should keep most of your upper body covered just the way you like it, without any insulating material that will lock in your body heat. That way, you don’t have to be out and about with nothing but a shirt on like your unkempt neighbor Brad, all without drowning from sweat and dying from heat exhaustion because you chose to wear a jacket on an otherwise warm day.

The Beyond Clothing K5 Modus Jacket is a lightweight hooded garment made with a wind-resistant nylon and polyester blend that’s treated with a DWR finish, so you still get adequate protection from the elements, in case the weather turns into something more inclement later in the day. It sports a double-weave construction that combines the nylon-and-polyester softshell with a bamboo charcoal liner that, the outfit claims, will provide efficient moisture transport from inside the garment. This means, the combo is supposed to provide high breathability, dry fast, and wick sweat very well, allowing you to stay sweat-free while you get stuff done.

Aside from being very good at moisture management, the bamboo charcoal liner should help stop any odor from forming, so you will stay smelling fresh (and feeling relatively fine) throughout the course of the day. Suffice to say, this thing is designed to keep you from getting hot and sweating a bucket, making it a perfect closet addition for those who want a jacket that they can wear regularly for the warmer days of the year.

The Beyond Clothing K5 Modus is equipped with four-way stretch, so you can hike, camp, and do physical work comfortably while decked in the jacket, as well as underarm gussets and articulated sleeves to provide even better mobility. It has an adjustable crown hood, just in case the clear blue sky when you left home in the morning turns into a cloudy drizzle in the middle of the day, apart from letting you cover up your unkempt hair that hasn’t seen a proper barber since lockdowns started in your city.

Like any proper jacket, it has a selection of pockets for carrying your gear. There are two oversized zippered hand pockets, a zippered chest pocket on the exterior, two zippered pockets on the biceps (so you can make it look like your bicep muscles are bulging), and an internal zippered pocket for your phone with a media port and integrated cord management. It comes in two lengths and four colors, namely navy, coyote, black, and rustic green.

The Beyond Clothing K5 Modus is available now, priced at $140.

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