Betabrand Frankencamo Hoodie Our favorite camo hoodie ever, Betabrand's latest mixes three different camo patterns on a single garment for a truly unique style.


There are tons of camo-patterned garments out there. They all have one thing in common, though: they take great pains to make sure the camo patterns are uniform throughout. The Betabrand Frankencamo Hoodie goes another route, as they made sure the camo patterns vary across the different panels for a Frankensteined look.

Yes, multiple types of camo patterns on a single garment means you’re probably not going to camouflage your appearance whatsoever. Then again, you’re not exactly wearing it hunting, fighting war, or fending off alien Predators in a neighboring planet reserve somewhere in the universe, so might as well have some fun and look ridiculous on purpose for a change.


The Betabrand Frankencamo Hoodie is an erstwhile standard fleece hoodie with a classic styling. That includes a two-tone zipper, a two-way kangaroo pocket, adjustable drawcord hood opening, banded cuffs, and a banded waistband, albeit with the definitely-not-classic mixed camo pattern all over the garment. It uses three different camo patterns, namely the classic US woodland, the geometric Swedish camo, and the Tigerstripe, which was adapted by the US armed forces from the local military during the Vietnam war.


Currently crowdfunding at Betabrand with a September release, pledges for the Frankencamo Hoodie start at $83.30.

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