Best Made x Stetson Yukon Hat Made by Stetson exclusively for the Best Made Co., this ultimate adventurer's hat wears a stately and rugged style.


If you wear cowboy hats, then you probably know J.B. Stetson, the man responsible for the ever-enduring Western hat designs.  And while the man has long passed, his legacy lives on in the Stetson brand, whose hats remain as recognizable to this day. So when the Best Made Co wanted to add an adventurer’s hat to their line, they knew exactly who to partner with. The Stetson Yukon Hat is the result.

Billed as an “ultimate adventurer’s hat,” this exclusive design is styled for field use – big enough to shield you from the elements, while being considerably smaller than the Texas-sized ten gallon model. Whether you’re driving a tractor around the farm, tending to horses in the stable, or searching for Bigfoot in the backwoods, this thing should make for a handy accessory ready to accompany you from day to night.


The Best Made x Stetson Yukon Hat is made with 5x-grade Silverbelly felt and water-repellent beaver fur, ensuring it won’t just shield you from the harsh sun, but even from the hard rains of the oncoming season. Described as stately and rugged, it’s a hat that can pass off for wearing around the city, although it should do its best work far away from the concrete jungle. Features include an interior maroon silk lining, a leather hat band with a brass pin, and gold foil stamps. Depending on the size, it has a brim width between 3 to 3.25 inches and a crown height of 4.25 inches.


Available now, the Best Made x Stetson Yukon Hat is priced at $298.