Best Made Reinforced Osaka Thermal Jacket Combining the silhouette of a hoodie with the functionality of a jacket, this garment solves the classic springtime hoodie-or-jacket dilemma.


Can’t decide whether to wear a hoodie or a jacket the next time you leave the house? Not a problem with the Best Made Reinforced Osaka Thermal Jacket, which combines a rugged jacket build with the styling of a classic hoodie.

That’s right, Best Made took the casual hoodie silhouette and put it in a spring-ready jacket, so you can quit fretting on whether to wear a jacket or a hoodie during the colder days of spring. Whether you’re hanging out with friends at a coffee shop or sticking up a convenience store, this thing should make for a suitable garment in transitional weather.


The Best Made Reinforced Osaka Thermal Jacket is cut in a cotton back satin woven shell that’s lined with a cotton waffle thermal knit for warmth and comfort, with the cuff-to-elbow section reinforced by an extra panel of shell material for durable function. It comes with an adjustable hood sporting elastic drawstrings with cord stoppers, as well as heavy ribbed cotton elastic cuffs and waistband.


We’re particularly fond of the jacket’s clean look with no visible branding, so you can shrug off rain and gale without looking like a distracting billboard. Other features include an antique brass zipper and two hoodie-style pouch pockets at the waist.

Available now, the Best Made Reinforced Osaka Thermal Jacket is priced at $268.

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