Best Made Gerstner 25X Tool Chest With six long drawers, a briefcase profile, and a portable design, this tool chest adds vintage utility to your handyman setup.


Originally appearing in Gerstner Catalogs from 1914 through 1919, the 25 Toolmaker’s Chest was intended as a portable carry case for workers who plied their trade all around town. The Best Made Gerstner 25X takes that classic design and refreshes it for the modern handyman.

Like the original, this updated version of the chest is made by American case makers Gerstner & Sons, ensuring it bears all the same craftsmanship and attention-to-detail. Do note, the original plans for that case have been lost in a flood a long time ago, so this thing is more like a modern recreation, albeit with the same classic aesthetic.


The Best Made Gerstner 25X measures 15.5 x 11.5 x 8 inches (depth x height x width). It has an unusual tower-like profile that opens from one of the narrow sides, making it great for maximizing table and shelf space around the workshop. Six drawers of varying depths are included, which you can use to hold tools, fasteners, and whatever supplies you need for your trade. A carry handle on top allows you to hold it like a traditional briefcase, making it a lot more convenient than most similarly-equipped toolboxes.


Features include a locking front panel, lock-rabbet drawer joinery, polished brass hardware, custom felt lining, and a leather handle. Construction is 100 percent kiln-dried American cherry wood on the outer shell and the front door pieces.

Available now, the Gerstner 25X is priced at $1,150.

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