Best Made German Leather Billfold Wallet This full-size billfold's pliable leather construction is meant to develop an individual character as it's molded, bent, and stretched through everyday use.


We’re not entirely familiar with the merits of Sonnenleder leather. Best Made’s apparent love for the material, though, is totally infectious, making me believe every praise they heap upon the tanned hide used in creating the outfit’s German Leather Billfold Wallet.

Described as “exceedingly pliable and durable” with “a pleasant herbaceous scent,” the leather is processed by seventh-generation tanners out in Southern Germany, who use an exclusive plant-based recipe that’s been handed down the family line. According to Best Made, instead of wearing poorly like most leather, this particular variety takes on a more defined character as it’s molded, worn, and stretched through everyday use, making it as satisfying to use years down the line as it is brand new.


The Best Made German Leather Billfold Wallet measures 4.625 x 3.625 inches when folded, with two full-length compartments for bills, two large ID compartments, and six card pockets, so it’s duly equipped to handle the full range of stuff anyone typically carries in their wallets on a daily basis. It’s pretty traditional, both in size and design, which should favor those who prefer their wallets with no added frills, although you’ll have to put up with the kind of bulk packed wallets tend to find themselves in. Do note, the leather is designed to darken naturally over time – a process you can hasten (in case you’re weird like that) by using oil- or wax-based conditioners.

Available now, the Best Made German Leather Billfold Wallet is priced at $132.