Best Made Co. Reinforced Oxford Shirt Instead of redesigning a classic, Best Made chose to obsess over details to ensure their oxfords wear more durably than any other in your closet.


Like other staples of men’s closets worldwide, there’s really nothing much you can do improve the oxford shirt. From the time Ralph Lauren popularized it in the 80s, the thing just stayed its awesome self all through the years.  So, instead of getting fancy and reinventing a classic, Best Made Co. simply decided to make their Reinforced Oxford Shirts’ durability match the timeless style.

Built to last, the NYC outfit’s version of the wardrobe staple is all about the details. You know, like double-needle stitching throughout the garment to prevent tearing and cuff-to-elbow patches to minimize wear over time.  Simply put, it’s probably the only oxfords in your closet that will make sense wearing when chopping trees and splitting wood – while carrying one of Best Made’s axes, of course.


Unlike most single-stitch button-downs you can buy today, the Best Made Co. Reinforced Oxford Shirt stays away from the slim fit, choosing to play in that comfortable middle ground between lean and relaxed.  That means, it should be a godsend if you’re tired of constricting shirts that accentuate your growing beer belly, all without taking on the less-than-flattering silhouettes of shirts from decades past.  Heck, they even cleverly integrated gussets on the side seams, so you can twist without stretching the shirt, as well as slump on a chair without easily giving away the muffin top.  Features include a button collar, a single chest pocket with an embroidered logo, and three color choices.

Available now, the Best Made Co. Reinforced Oxford Shirt is priced at $142.