Ben Sherman Pendleton Shirt This classic American work shirt, decked in 100% wool and styled with Ben Sherman's favorite details, should make for great cold-weather, collared workwear.


You probably know both Ben Sherman and Pendleton for their button-down collared work shirts, so when the two decide on a collaboration, who would have thought they would make another a button-down collared work shirt? Oh, I guess you saw that coming. Wait, he saw it coming, too. Well, I guess everyone did. Here it is then: the Pendleton Shirt from Ben Sherman.

Not that there’s anything to complain about because the collaboration certainly turned out a trio of fine pieces. We’re particularly fond of the green shirt you’ll find in the pictures, although they also have a navy and a combo green-navy (which, literally, combines the two fabrics into one possibly confused shirt).


The Ben Sherman Pendleton Shirt is based on the pattern Pendleton uses for its classic American work shirt, but sharpened up with the UK outfit’s signature details. These include the three-finger button-down collar, chest pocket with tab branding, and the iconic check to leave it with something more familiar to Ben Sherman fans. Because Pendleton specializes in woolen garments, the shirt is made from authentic 100-percent virgin wool, so it should play nice with the colder weather of the season, as well as the mountain home you plan to retreat to in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Other features include the American outfit’s branding emblazoned on the side seam label and cupro lining (back of the neck and cuffs) as a nod to traditional workwear.


Available now, the Ben Sherman Pendleton Shirt is priced at $179.