Bellroy Note Sleeve Designer’s Edition Bellroy takes their compact billfold, then pairs it with premium leather, minimalist construction, and streamlined finish. This gorgeous wallet is the result.


Bellroy already makes some of the finest wallets in the market. Simply put, their products have long been associated with premium materials and quality craftsmanship. For the Designer’s Edition, though, the outfit is stepping it up even further, refining their old designs into something even more premium. That’s exactly what we get with the Bellroy Note Sleeve Designer’s Edition.

Yes, it still looks like the original Note Sleeve, from the size and profile to the individual compartments. Except, this time around, it’s cut in a more premium leather that are tanned under gold-rated LWG environmental protocols, with more controlled lines, softer edges, and a more streamlined look, courtesy of leather pieces that wrap and sweep to minimize stitching.


The Bellroy Note Sleeve Designer’s Edition can store bills completely flat, with three individual card slots, a pull tab section for infrequently-used cards, and an extra compartment that can accommodate business cards and coins. According to Bellroy, there’s enough room in the wallet to fit up to 11 cards, with a tall profile that allows it to accommodate larger currencies, such as pounds and yen. It comes in three colors: black, burnt sienna, and forest green.


Available now, the Bellroy Note Sleeve Designer’s Edition is priced at $169.95.

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