Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet If you prefer carrying a small stash of cash and cards, Bellroy's ultra-slim wallet should make for the perfect EDC accessory.


Some people like to carry plenty of cards, cash, and other stuff on their wallets. Others keep it for the bare essentials. If you belong in the latter group, there’s no point getting yourself bogged down with the discomfort of a large and bulky wallet. Chances are, something like Bellroy’s Micro Sleeve will suit you a whole lot better.

Designed for those who prefer to slim down their EDC gear, it’s a minimalist wallet that leaves just enough room for essentials, allowing it to sport a very compact profile. Whether you put it in an inner jacket pocket, a pants pocket, or even a shirt pocket, this thing should nestle in easily while barely adding any bulk.


The Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet measures just 7.3 x 10.2 cm, making it look more like a leather card case than a wallet. In some ways, it probably is, although it does make room for a small stack of folded bills in the central compartment to properly fulfill the wallet function. Depending on how thick your stack of bills is, that same main compartment should be able to hold an extra one or two cards (they suggest sandwiching the bills between the cards), while two quick-access exterior pockets allow you to slide in another two cards apiece. A few bills and six cards? Sounds like a perfect setup for everyday use. Construction is vegetable tanned leather


Available now, the Bellroy Micro Sleeve wallet is priced at $64.95.