BeerYoga Yoga Classes This modified style of hatha yoga incorporates alcoholic swill into every yoga pose imaginable to make yoga class just a bit more intoxicating.


Drinking beer and working out aren’t supposed to go hand in hand. Alcohol (even in soda form) wreaks havoc on your gains, after all. But if you’d rather spend the night at a bar with a bottle of swill in your hand than at a gym with weights, we guess it won’t hurt to mix the two together.  That’s exactly what they did with BeerYoga, a goofy-looking yoga style that incorporates everyone’s favorite happy hour drink into the mix.

Developed by a “certified yoga teacher” and “passionate beer drinker” named Jhula, the modified yoga style may sound like a joke, but isn’t.  Based on the pictures, it looks like they perform traditional yoga poses, albeit with bottles of beer (both filled and empty) in tow.


According to Jhula, BeerYoga takes “the philosophies of yoga” and pairs it with the joys of consuming yeast-fermented malt, allowing you to get some low-impact exercise while enjoying a bottle or two of your favorite swill.  Either holding the bottle, balancing it on various body parts, or, of course, taking a sip is incorporated into each pose, ensuring you get enough of both yoga and beer to get you through a class. Yes, participants are allowed to take a swig any time they feel like it, so it’s just like going to a regular bar, except you get to stay active instead of sitting on the same booth all night.


Jhula is based in Germany, so classes are limited to the area for now. Upcoming schedules are available on the website if you want to check them out. Fee is just €5 for the class, although we have a feeling you’ll spend way more than that in the beer you consume before the class is done.