Beckett Simonon Laval Chukka Boots Suede shoes and wet weather don't exactly go hand in hand. Unless, of course, you're wearing these water-resistant suede boots from Becket Simonon.


Suede boots hold up just fine in occasional rain. Problem is, you will end up spending the day in wet shoes, which you will have to dry off as soon as you get home. That won’t be a problem with the Beckett Simonon Laval Chukka, which is cut in water-resistant suede to make it suitable for use during the wet days of spring.

That’s right, no more dealing with wet boots or regularly coating with waterproof spray, so you can dress up in stylish suede no matter the weather forecast. It’s quite the good-looking pair, too, with a versatile profile that should wear well with both rugged jeans and much nicer chinos.


The Beckett Simonon Laval Chukka is a handmade boot, with a durable upper that can handle inclement weather better than traditional suede. That same upper is pneumatically lasted for 24 hours to ensure it holds a well-conformed shape, while a full Vachetta leather lining ensures breathable performance. It comes with Blake-stitch to easily allow resoling once the soles wear out, while the shoe supports your strides with a nailed-down rubber heel stack, a leather outsole, an SBR rubber midsole, and a full leather insole.


Features include stitching that joins the upper and outsole both inside and out, a leather welt, and waxed cotton laces. It comes in three colors: brown, chestnut, and navy.

Available now, the Beckett Simonon Laval Chukka is priced at $199.

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