Batch Luxtility Shirt Injecting their stylish shirts with a big dose of utility, these finely-tailored garments come with pockets galore for holding all your gear.


If you’re familiar with Batch, chances are, you know them from their line of fine-looking dress shirts. Recently, though, they focused their craft towards tailoring less-formal work shirts and these totally rocking Batch Luxtility Shirts are the result.

Designed for both work and travel, these shirts come with pockets galore, ensuring you have places to stash all the gear you need, regardless of your trade, craft, or profession. More importantly, they look darn good, with a tapered fit that the outfit describes as “masculine” and “tailored.”


The Batch Luxtility Shirt come in three styles: Specialist, Editor, and Freelancer. What sets each of the styles apart are the pockets, with each shirt getting pockets that accommodate different needs. The Specialist, for instance, comes with four expandable pockets (two on the chest, one on each sleeve) for accommodating the kind of stuff other shirts just won’t fit, while the Editor gets just two pockets at a generous size with a reinforced construction for holding heavier items (like, I’m guessing, a voice recorder). The Freelancer, on the other hand, gets four smaller pockets (two on the chest and two on the left sleeve).


All three styles come with the same tapered cut, with ruggedly sewn seams along the chest, body, and sleeve to ensure it survives your most challenging days unscathed. It comes with a traditional button down collar, so you can clean or dirty up your look a bit as needed, with mother of pearl buttons and 100 percent mercerized cotton construction.

Available now, the Batch Luxtility Shirt is priced at $84.