Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore Combining a hardened aluminum shell, a rubber base, and a drop-resistant internal structure, this Bluetooth speaker is built for the rugged outdoors.

There’s no shortage of portable Bluetooth speakers that you can bring to campsites, beaches, and other outdoor spots. If you’re going to take it to those rugged destinations, though, it better up to the task. The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore embraces the rugged character the outdoor requires, all while retaining the sound and aesthetics that have made the brand’s speakers some of the best audio gear options in the market.

Billed as “tough enough for any expedition,” the Bluetooth speaker combines an all-metal body and a rubberized base with a drop-resistant internal design, allowing it to protect the speaker both inside and out. Whether you’re camping on a beach, hiking up a mountain trail, or taking your kayak for a day out fishing, this thing lets you enjoy your favorite tracks without having to worry about your speaker taking damage from the elements.

The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore is a rugged speaker wrapped in a Type II anodized aluminum shell, with a grooved body ensuring a secure grip even when your hands are wet. According to the outfit, that shell is hardened and scratch-resistant, so it won’t just protect your speaker from impact, it should help maintain its good looks, too. A rubberized base allows you to set it down on any surface, whether it be mud, sand, or rocks, while a sealed interior allows it to receive an IP67 rating for dust- and water-resistance. Yes, it’s sealed enough you can drop it in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes without causing any damage. The on-speaker controls are water-resistant, too, so you can control playback even when it’s covered in water, sand, or grease, complete with glove-friendly operation.

As a speaker, it’s equipped with two 1.8-inch full-range drivers and two 30W class D amplifiers, allowing it to reproduce sound loud enough to satisfy listeners scattered about around the campsite. It disperses sound in all directions for true 360-degree sound, making it ideal for outdoor use, with support for pairing with a second Explore speaker to create fuller stereo sound.

The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore comes with a rechargeable 2400mAh battery rated at 27 hours of playback, so you’ll probably want to bring a power bank along for extended outdoor stays that will last more than a day. It a has a built-in clip that lets you hang it to various hooking spots around camp, while also clipping to belts and D-rings while you’re on the move. There’s also a textile strap for holding it by your fingers or attaching it to your pack. The speaker is available in three colors: black, green, and gray mist.

Music is streamed to the speaker over Bluetooth 5.2, although it only supports SBC code, with no aptX or AAC compatibility. We know… that seems like quite an omission, although the focus here seems to be the rugged function, so, we’re guessing, that had something to do with limiting the codec support.

The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore is available now, priced at $199.

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