Banana Republic Dry Indigo Traveler Denim

In recent years, it’s been acknowledged how denim production has been detrimental to the environment, from the sheer amount of water it uses to the chemical wastes produced in giving it that sharp-looking finish. Suffice to say, the numbers aren’t pretty. That’s why the last few years have seen some companies turn their attention to ethical denim manufacturing. The Banana Republic Dry Indigo Traveler Denim is the outfit’s take on a more sustainable pair of jeans, turning out the same good-looking pair of trousers while using up way less resources.

How much more sustainable is this? According to Banana Republic, it uses up to 99 percent less water, 89 percent fewer chemicals, and 65 percent less energy than their traditional denim manufacturing, making it a big step up for the outfit in terms of ethical and sustainable production.

The Banana Republic Dry Indigo Traveler Denim is made using a foam-dye process that, the outfit claims, is responsible for using up as little water and power as it does, all while looking just as good as any traditionally-manufactured pair. We’re not exactly sure what’s involved in that foam-dye process, but kudos to them for getting such impressive results.

The pants itself is a traditional five-pocket pair of jeans, with a zip fly, a button closure, and a mid-rise slim fit, so it will lend you a very contemporary look. It’s made from a blend of cotton, tencel, elasterrell, and elastane, so there’s a good amount of stretch here to let you move around without any restrictions. Four washes are available for the initial launch, namely light wash, rinse dark wash, and two medium washes (one lighter than the other).

The Banana Republic Dry Indigo Traveler Denim is available now, priced at $129.

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