Bamford Watch Department’s Rolex Commando Collection Bamford Watch Department turns two iconic Rolex watches into indestructible timepieces by giving them a military-grade finish that's as hard as diamonds.


No, it isn’t a rare, 70s-era Rolex Commando or a reissue of that little-known design. Instead, the new Rolex Commando is a collection of modified versions of the Milgauss and Submariner, as fashioned by customization outfit Bamford Watch Department.

What kind of customizations? On the cosmetic level, they’re offering both models in three new colors that’s reminiscent of military hues, namely desert, forest, and combat. They kind of look like silver, green, and golden brown, respectively, but with the kind of faded, worn finish that makes them look suited for battlefield wear. There’s also a new “Commando” label on the dial, ensuring you won’t mistake them for an erstwhile regular Milgauss or Submariner.


While the finish on the Rolex Commando looks nothing but cosmetic, it really isn’t. That’s because the unique coloration has been produced using a military-grade process called graphite particle coating (GPC), which is responsible for that unmistakable military-like aesthetic. Even better, the GPC-inflicted finish boasts a diamond-hard surface that’s resistant to scratches, extreme temperatures, and grime. Combined with the already rugged features of both the Milgauss (which can withstand magnetic forces up to 1,000 gauss) and the Submariner (rated waterproof up to 300 meters), these modifications give you a timepiece that you can put through some serious torture (we mean physical torture, not watching you bomb on a first date – that’s torture of the soul) without incurring much in the way of blemishes.


The Bamford Watch Department Rolex Commando is available now, with prices starting at £10,000.