Balmuda The Lantern Balmuda's portable lamp can flicker like a candle, shine dimly like a bedside light, or get bright enough for reading while looking like a vintage gas lantern.

You may have heard of Balmuda from their $329 toaster oven, which boasts the uncanny ability to make even stale bread taste fresh. It’s a really refreshing take on an erstwhile countertop standard. This time around, the outfit is turning their attention to accent lighting in the form of Balmuda The Lantern.

Combining vintage lantern design with modern lighting technology, the lamp infuses its surroundings with an old-school aesthetic while delivering a soft glow that the outfit describes as spirit-enhancing. Whether you want a lamp to set the mood for al fresco dining in the backyard or to light up the camp after a long day of hunting, this thing should get the job done with its combo of convenient function and old-world charm.

Balmuda The Lantern takes on the likeness of traditional gas lamps, with a ventilator-like structure on top, a wide fuel tank-like base, and a shapely transparent body. A LED light tube runs across the entire height at the center of the lamp’s body, emitting a light that, oddly enough, feels similar to the illumination you can find on gas lanterns of old. The LED has three settings, any of which you can quickly bring up by turning the knob at the base. The candle setting makes it flicker like a candle-lit flame, creating a relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect for drinks, romantic dinners, and heartfelt conversation, while the amber setting makes it highly functional as a bedside lamp or a nightlight. The brightest setting, warm white, creates a beautiful light that you can use for outdoor illumination and nighttime reading.

Designed for portable use, the lantern is powered using a rechargeable battery that can last just up to three hours on the warm white light setting, although it can stretch that to 50 hours when flickering like a candle. We know, three hours makes it tough to use as camp lighting, so it’s probably best to keep this for various mood lighting needs around the house. According to the outfit, it can charge fully from drained in around six hours.

Balmuda The Lantern measures 9.8 x 4.4 x 4.1 inches (height x width x depth), so it’s compact enough to move around the house or throw in your backpack for use elsewhere. There’s a handle on top, by the way, similar to old-school lanterns, making it easy to carry by hand or hang on a hook for overhead illumination. And yes, it has a water-resistant build, so you don’t have to worry about spills and light splashes, as it should shrug that off without affecting your illumination.

From what we can tell, the lantern doesn’t bring the same unique function as the outfit’s toaster, so it’s not quite as groundbreaking as far as utility is concerned. It is, however, a very beautiful portable lamp, with arguably one of the best vintage styling we’ve seen. Plus, the light settings seemed like they were purposely tuned for use as mood lighting, making this a special addition to anyone’s accent lighting stash.

Balmuda The Lantern is available now, priced at $199.

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