Ballpark Diamonds Created by Stadium Graph, Ballpark Diamonds is a set of relief sculptures of different stadiums and ballparks, made using laser-cut white oak veneer.


Sports fans never have it easy when it comes to showing love for their team at home. Sure, you can hang your favorite memorabilia up a wall, but you’ll be lucky if doing that doesn’t make your grownup house look like a dorm room at the nearby college. Simply put, there are very few sports keepsakes you can use that won’t get up the wife up in arms. Fortunately, these Ballpark Diamonds happen to be among them.

Made by Stadium Graph, it’s a set of relief sculptures of different stadiums and ballparks. Not only are they designed to look presentable in a proper grown man’s home, they’re being touted as “heirloom-quality” so you can pass down the love for Dodger Stadium down to the next generation of fans you’re raising under your roof.

Each Ballpark Diamonds sculpture is made from a single grain white oak veneer, with the details laser-cut into the surface. Wood backing and solid oak casing complete the piece, making for a unique baseball-themed décor that should be classy enough to please even the most meticulous woman in your life. The 9×9-inch frame is designed to be mounted as a diamond, too, adding an extra twist that should make it stand out from other items up the wall. As of now, only six ballparks are available, namely Wrigley Field, Dodger Stadium, Fenway Park, AT&T Park, Busch Stadium, and Kaufmann Stadium, with more coming as the team finishes up the designs for the rest of the parks.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Ballpark Diamonds. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $65.