Bacca Desktop Wooden Laptop Stand Add a little refinement to your laptop work while helping it cool down with this gorgeous wooden stand from Bacca.


There’s no shortage of stands for your tablet or laptop. Few of them, however, are likely to look as refined as this gorgeous Bacca Desktop, a handy stand that brings a sweet combination of style and function to your everyday computing.

Designed for both laptop-bound workers and laptop-toting performers alike, the stand should make a natural companion to your devices, whether on a coffee table at home, a desk at the office, or a platform onstage for your weekend DJ gig. The all-wood construction makes it easy on the eyes, too, making for a much-needed break from all the plastic and shiny metal that usually find their way into your computing setups.


The Bacca Desktop is actually a folding stand, so it can flat pack into a slim pile that you can easily make room for in your laptop briefcase or your backpack. To use, simply fold back the wooden panel on the upper portion of the rig, which you can adjust at several angles to find your ideal screen height. During use, the entire central panel of the frame will be empty, so your laptop can get uninterrupted airflow from underneath, helping you minimize chances of overheating. When folded, it measures 10.6 x 11 x 2.7 inches.


Available now, the Bacca Desktop is priced at €50.

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