Away Travel Daily Carry-On With Pocket Away Travel's newest suitcase has a built-in exterior pocket that you can use to keep laptops and other small items within easy reach.


It looks like any small carry-on – the kind you will take with you when you pack for short business trips that last no more than a couple of days. Unlike your typical small luggage, though, the Away Daily Carry-On with Pocket doesn’t require you to dig around the suitcase just to get your laptop, saving you a good load of time when going through the TSA line.

Instead of keeping the laptop inside the suitcase, the carry-on comes with a dedicated pocket for it on the exterior, giving you quick access to your computer at all times. Whether you need your laptop for the TSA check, a quick movie while waiting for your flight, or to do some work during the flight, this pocket makes it easier than ever to grab your productivity machine.


The Away Travel Daily Carry-On with Pocket also comes with an accordion storage that at the main opening, so it’s the first thing you get access to as soon as you unzip the suitcase. That accordion has three compartments, including one sized to fit a 15-inch laptop, which you can use in place of the exterior pocket, in case you’re not comfortable leaving your expensive laptop without the protection of the combination lock. This way, you still get fast access to the laptop without having to dig through the rest of the suitcase, albeit with the extra requirement of putting in the combination for the integrated TSA-approved lock.

Both the exterior pocket and the accordion comes with added storage sections for various small items, making them ideal for stuff you might need to access frequently like chargers, passports, and travel documents. The accordion storage, by the way, is completely removable, so if you have no qualms using the exterior pocket, you can take it out for easier access to the contents of the suitcase.


The Away Travel Daily Carry-On with Pocket has a durable polycarbonate shell with leather details, so it should hold up to the bumps and knocks of airplane travel, while the exterior pocket is cut in abrasion-resistant and water-resistant nylon, so any stuff you put inside is duly protected. Inside, it has a maximum capacity of 36.9 liters, which should provide enough room to pack for overnight trips and short weekends out of town. A built-in compression system allows you to maximize space inside the suitcase, while a hidden and removable laundry bag makes it easy to separate your dirty clothes from the rest of the contents.


Dimensions are 16.5 x 17 x 9 inches for the suitcase, while the exterior pocket measures 13 x 11 x 1 inches, making it the perfect storage for laptops, tablets, and other smaller items. Other features include 360-degree spinner wheels, a telescoping handle, a black leather luggage tag, a carry handle, and dual zippers on the exterior pocket, so you can secure it with a padlock if needed. It comes in two colors: black and navy.

The Away Travel Daily Carry-On with Pocket is available now, priced at $245.

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