Away Expandable Carry-On Luggage Away's new soft-sided luggage can expand a full 1.7 inches, allowing it to make more room, so you can bring home souvenirs from a trip.


We’re big fans of Away and their traditional hard-sided luggage. They look good, they’re durable, and they’re very practical to use during travel. If you love the brand but prefer your suitcases with softer material, you might want to check out the Away Expandable Carry-On Luggage.

Why would anyone prefer soft-sided luggage? Well, they bring certain advantages. They’re lighter, making them easier to haul. They’re also less rigid, allowing the shape to conform to the amount of stuff you carry, making them easier to overstuff and a bit more pliable when cramming into tight compartments.


The Away Expandable Carry-On Luggage, however, goes a step further, coming with a woven nylon construction that bears 1.75 inches of stretch, allowing the case to expand in a significant manner (from 37 liters of interior capacity to 42 liters), making the necessary room for those times you do a little extra shopping during a trip. Want to bring home some souvenirs you just know the wife will love? You can buy them and fit them in the luggage, no problem. How about coming across a sale of your favorite clothing brand at the local outlet? No need to take a pass – there’s enough room in your suitcase to fit a bunch of choice pieces. Do note, there’s a chance it won’t fit in the carry-on compartment of some airlines when expanded to maximum capacity, so keep that in mind when deciding to do so.

Aside from being stretchy, the nylon shell is also water-resistant, so you can spill a drink accidentally, get caught in the rain, or splash some water on the side to wipe it clean without damaging any of your stash. When opened, the suitcase has a wide open right compartment designed to take your supply of clothes, which can then be pushed down using an integrated compression pad that secures tightly using buckles and straps. That compression pad, by the way, includes a large mesh pocket that you can use to carry documents, cables, and similar slim profile items. The left compartment is designed to carry non-clothing items, such as shoes, dopp kits, and other gear, with a zippered mesh cover allowing you to see everything at a glance.


The Away Expandable Carry-On Luggage also has an easy-access front pocket with multiple compartments, including one that can accommodate a 15-inch laptop, so you can quickly retrieve your computer when you need to get work done while waiting at the terminal. That same front pocket should make the perfect place to stash passports, boarding passes, and anything else you want to keep within easy reach. Other features include a TSA-approved combination lock, top and side handles, a slip handle on the base, 360-degree spinner wheels, a removable laundry bag, and a leather luggage tag. Dimensions are 21.7 x 13.7 x 9.2 inches (height x width x depth), all while being able to expand to a depth of 10.9 inches.


Available in four colors (black, navy, green, and asphalt), the Away Expandable Carry-On Luggage is priced at $295.

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