Audioengine HD6 Speakers Retro aesthetics, easy-to-use design, and Audioengine's signature sound come together in the outfit's latest flagship speakers.


They may not be a popular brand, but many audiophiles know Audioengine for the stellar-sounding but affordable audio gear they’ve been putting out over the last ten years. The company’s newest flagship, the Audioengine HD6, continues the bang-for-your-buck tradition with a complete audio system that comes in at just $749 – way under the price point of the kind of gear most audiophiles will typically care about.

Billed as “premium powered speakers,” the stereo system boasts all-new woofers with die-cast aluminum frames designed to build up sound at the lower-end, new tweeters that enable smoother, extended highs, and thicker hand-built cabinets that reduce unwanted resonance. If you love the look of old-school speakers, then this should be a welcome addition to any home theater setup, with its furniture-grade wood veneers and detachable magnetic grill giving it an aesthetic that looks like it popped straight out of a 1980s music video.


Armed with built-in class A/B monoblock amplifiers, the Audioengine HD6 removes the need to hook up to a stereo receiver or an external amp, making it a whole lot simpler to set up and use (just plug it to a power outlet, hook up the two speakers, and add your audio source). It comes with aptX Bluetooth for streaming tunes from any wireless music source and a 24-bit optical SPDIF input if you prefer the fidelity of wired connections. The included remote, by the way, is solid aluminum, giving it just that extra boost of flair.


The Audioengine HD6 is available now in satin black, walnut, or cherry finishes.