Audi A8 L Security This car can resist armor-piercing rounds, survive hand-grenade explosions, and even put out engine fires all on its own.


Wearing snappy suits, getting drunk on Martinis, and turning up the charm only takes you half of the way when trying to rock it like James Bond. If you want your homage to be on point, you really need to get a proper car. No, we don’t just mean a luxury ride similar to one he drives in the movies, but a luxury ride that’s equipped to service the needs of an actual secret agent. The Audi A8 L Security definitely fits the bill.

At first glance, it looks like an erstwhile ordinary luxury ride. Sure, it’s stately, but there’s really nothing in there that James Bond will find particularly appealing. Until, of course, you learn what it can do.


While the low-profile doesn’t suggest it, the Audi A8 L Security is a heavily armored vehicle from top to bottom, boasting multi-layer glass windows and a safety cell made from a mix of hot-formed armor steel, special aluminum alloys, and aramide fabric. The result is a vehicle that can resist armor-piercing rounds from an assault rifle and withstand hand grenade explosions, ensuring you’ll easily brush off most of the firepower run-of-the-mill bad guys have in their arsenal. It also features an armored communications box in the trunk, an integrated intercom system (so you can tell your attackers to stop firing if you want to surrender), and tires that can continue running even after a flat.


Villains with flamethrowers? Not a problem, since the car can be equipped with fire extinguishing agents that will flow through pipes in the underbody to put down the fire all on its own. Other options include an emergency exit system that can automatically blow any of the doors out to make a quick escape, an emergency fresh air system, and the ability to start the vehicle remotely via radio signal.


No listed pricing, but Audi is now taking orders for the new A8 L Security, with deliveries slated for the spring of 2016.