ASICS Runners Face Cover ASICS' upcoming face mask is designed to keep runners comfortable while staying safe during high-intensity training.

The good thing about face masks? They help curb the spread of disease. The bad thing about them? They can get drenched in your sweat really fast, especially when you’re engaging in any sort of physical activity, like running, cycling, or loading stuff on a big truck because you’re moving out of the crowded city. The ASICS Running Face Cover is designed for those high-output moments.

Like other face masks, it’s designed to prevent the spread of droplets by covering your nose and mouth, keeping any unwitting virus carriers from infecting anyone else within their immediate vicinity. Unlike them, it’s designed to keep you comfortable during runs and similar high-volume activity, allowing to stay safe without hampering your physical performance.

The ASICS Runners Face Cover is a cloth mask made from a cutting-edge fabric that, the outfit claims, cools the air that flows into the mouth, effectively helping cool you down. The exterior is also water-repellent, so sweat will just flow down without sticking around, so you won’t end up with a face mask soaked in sweat after 30 minutes of running around your usual route. A curved shape creates more room inside the face cover, too, so the mask doesn’t press tightly like other face coverings out there, allowing runners, cyclists, and other wearers to breathe a whole lot easier even while they’re huffing and puffing from too much physical exertion. Basically, it’s just a more comfortable mask to wear.

You know how some people don’t like masks because they can make it hard to breathe? That’s not really a viable excuse with this one, with strategically-placed air vents at the bottom providing unobstructed airflow while still preventing droplets from spreading. Yes, air can still go in and out freely, so you won’t have to rely on the tiny perforations in the fabric to get all the air you need.

The ASICS Runners Face Cover comes with an adjustable cord that both secures it to your face and customizes the fit, so that the edges are all flush on your face. That way, people wearing glasses won’t have to suffer from fog build-up, which is a common occurrence with most face masks out there.  It’s washable, too, so you can simply drop it in with the rest of the laundry and the whole thing will feel like new, making it a potentially more cost-effective alternative compared to those disposable surgical masks that most people seem to be wearing these days.

We’re not sure what exact fabric they used to make this, but aside from being water-repellent an washable, it’s also supposedly antibacterial, so gross stuff won’t be able to easily stick around and make you sick anyway. In case you’re concerned about sustainable production, ASICS claims it’s also 31 percent recycled. Plus, you’re going to keep recycling it by cleaning the darn thing over and over, so it’s definitely a lot better than any of the disposable options out there.

The ASICS Runners Face Cover comes out in September, priced at $30.

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