Arrowmax SES Pro Electric Precision Screwdriver This electric precision driver lets you use a powered driver for small electronics, watches, and other delicate items requiring a light hand.

A power drill is great for nailing down screws around the house. Problem is, it’s a little too much when fiddling with small, delicate items like motherboards, eyeglass frames, and your son’s RC car. So you make do with small handheld drivers that you’ll have to turn over and over with your hand. The Arrowmax SES Pro offers a more suitable alternative.

Clad in a pen-like form factor, this powered driver allows the same control and accurate handling as precision screwdrivers, all without the manual turning required to loosen and tighten screws. Whether you need one to tinker with electronics, mechanical watches, or some other small item that uses tiny fastening hardware, this thing lets you do each task with the convenience of power drills in tow.

The Arrowmax SES Pro is an electric precision screwdriver designed for small and delicate items, delivering just enough torque to safely drive and loosen screws without causing any undue damage. To use, simply insert whatever bit you’re using and hold the power button right on the grip to ensure it’s engaged. From there, you stick the driver tip onto your screw and turn it in the desired direction. Once the device detects your wrist movement (either clockwise or counter-clockwise), it will proceed to automatically rotate the bit in that direction until you lift your thumb off the power button. Turning the driver in the opposite direction will cause it to switch directions, too.

Aside from determining direction, the device also uses your wrist movement to determine the torque it will provide. Specifically, the further your wrist turns, the higher the torque it will deliver, as it will take that to mean you need a little more power than usual. According to the outfit, it will provide anywhere from to of torque, which you can easily adjust by simply turning your wrist again (light turn to lower torque, big turn to increase it). You can also opt to adjust the torque manually by pressing the power button three times, at which point, it will allow you to choose among four different torque settings for even more precise control. The motor can rotate the bit at a maximum rate of 200 RPM.

The Arrowmax SES Pro also has an OLED display on the body that shows the current drilling direction and torque setting, so you’re completely informed of what’s happening at all times. It also shows a battery indicator for the 500mAh onboard module, which, the outfit claims, will last for two straight hours of interrupted use between charges. Need extra light to work on some screws lodged inside a tight enclosure? Not a problem, as it comes with four LED lights on the business end, which boast shadow-free operation similar to surgical equipment. Each driver comes with 34 of the most commonly used bits, by the way, including four Phillips bits, four flathead bits, three six star bits, five six star with hole bits, five hex bits, and more.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Arrowmax SES Pro. Pledges to reserve a unit start at around $80.

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