Armotia Due Electric Motorcycles With all-electric drivetrains, Armotia's killer-looking dirt bikes promise to deliver off-road fun without the deafening engine noise.


Electric motorcycles have proven great for daily commuting, although the limited range does make them less than ideal for recreational off-road riding. That hasn’t stopped electric vehicle companies from trying. Italian outfit Armotia is looking to beat those odds with a pair of electric dirt bikes called the Due R and the Due X.

Like other electric bikes we’ve seen, the pair both ditch traditional engines in favor of electric powertrains. Unlike them, these come with two-wheel drives for serious off-roading skills, ensuring they’ll exhibit killer drive in steep climbs and low traction situations.


The Armotia Due X is the all-out dirt bike of the pair, with every element tuned for high performance in the off-road, while the Due R is a dual-sport version, with a configuration that’s optimized for both on-road and off-road performance. The biggest difference between the two are seat height and ground clearance, with the Due R getting lowered on both to ensure better handling during the ride back home. Speed also gets a bump on the Due X, with the bike able to go up to 56 mph compared to the Due R’s 50 mph.


Both use two motors to deliver the 2WD function – one sending power to the rear wheel like a regular motorcycle and a small hub motor on the front wheel for extra assistance. Features include 41mm front fork shocks, Bitubo monoshock in the back, a battery rated at 80 minutes of continuous riding, a digital dashboard that’s actually a fully-functional Android smartphone, a built-in action cam, and a weight of 275 pounds.

Slated for availability soon, pricing for the Armotia Due starts at €12,300.

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