ArkAir Two-Pocket Tactical Jacket A longtime favorite of the British Special Forces, this wet weather jacket should make you look sleek and styled during those rainy day commutes.


We’re not that familiar with the British Special Forces, although we’re learning they do have good taste when it comes to rain jackets. At least, that’s the conclusion we’ve come to after checking out ArkAir’s Two-Pocket Tactical Jacket, a design that’s long been favored by the aforementioned military branch.

Available in both camo and navy versions, the jacket combines serious wet weather function with a dapper and good-looking style. Truth be told, we’re not too hot about the camo version (it looks too military for actual civilians), but the navy one sure looks like the kind of garment you’ll want to wear during that dreaded daily commute to the office during rainy season.

The ArkAir Two-Pocket Tactical Jacket is made from a durable ripstop fabric that should fend off tears and rips even in a warzone (we’re assuming, since the military wears it), all while shedding rain water like a boss. There’s a button-adjustable wire frame hood, two-way heavy-duty zippered fastening, and a buttoned storm flap for those days of torrential downpour, with a paracord drawstring at the waist and hem for a tighter, snugger fit. Features include bound-in slide buttons, two box-shaped front pockets large enough to cram a whole load of gear, a hidden zippered pocket with a secondary button closure, and buttoned cuffs.

Available now, the ArkAir Two-Pocket Tactical Jacket is priced at $300.