Arcteryx Veilance Dyadic Sweater This sweater from Arcteryx Veilance keeps things simple and minimal, while adopting technical features and an aesthetically refined style.


Spring isn’t all that far away, so it’s not uncommon for the sartorially responsible to start putting together their wardrobes for the upcoming season. When building up a new wardrobe, it’s always prudent to start with the basic pieces and this plain black Dyadic Sweater from Arcteryx Veilance looks like a good piece to get things going.

Introduced as part of the city-focused outfit’s SS16 collection, it adopts elements from the traditional sweater, while keeping things simple yet aesthetically refined. It’s the kind of outfit that’s perfect for accessorizing, lending itself as a blank yet elegant canvas that you can easily tweak to pull of any desired style.


The Arcteryx Veilance Dyadic Sweater is a long-sleeved, mid-weight jersey cut from stretch merino wool, so it should keep things suitably warm for the early days of the next season when chilly vibes still linger in the air. Adding a bit of contrast pattern to the all-black wool garment are side gussets that relax the sides and sleeve paneling, both done up in tough and lightweight nylon to ensure better durability throughout its use. An anatomically-tailored construction ensures a free range of motion while making your way around town, leaving you way more mobile than traditional sweaters. Finishing details include a banded crew neck, half raglan sleeves in the back, rib-bound collar, and a straight hem.

Want one? The Arcteryx Veilance Dyadic Sweater is available now, priced at $350.

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