Apex Watercraft TYR This angling kayak combines premium materials and an innovative design to deliver unparalleled performance in calm and rough waters alike.

Sit-on-top kayaks for angling have become quite popular in recent times. They’re easy enough to transport, stable enough in the water, and has enough cargo room to carry all the fishing supplies you need. The Apex Watercraft TYR, though, takes the sit-on-top kayak to the next level by pushing for advancements in both form and performance.

Billed as the “most advanced fishing kayak ever created,” the watercraft is the brainchild of Eric Jackson, a four-time whitewater kayaking world champion and avid kayak fisherman. We know, being called “the most advanced” anything veers too much on the hyperbolic end, but the kayak does aim pretty high and, from what we can tell, does a lot of things right.

The Apex Watercraft TYR ditches the usual roto-molded plastic body found in many fishing kayaks in favor of a carbon epoxy foam at the core and a carbon fiber shell, which is a popular combination in the construction of high-end racing yachts. Apparently, this build is significantly more lightweight than most other products in the category, as it tips the scales at an impressive 40 pounds, around 20 pounds less than what most plastic sit-on-top kayaks typically weigh.

According to the outfit, it uses a flat planing hull that combines the size and paddling layout of a standard sit-on-top kayak with the stability elements found on a stand-up paddleboard, allowing anglers to quickly switch between seated and standing positions without having to make any special adjustments. The flat hull also means you can take it safely to shallow waters, while a V-shaped fin system ensures it still tracks and maneuvers properly, regardless of the conditions you encounter in the water. It also uses a reverse piercing bow in favor of a traditional lifting bow, allowing it to slice through waves instead of going over them. We know, breaking through waves means water will slosh into the deck, which, apparently, isn’t an issue, since it will just slide off in the rear of the open stern.

The Apex Watercraft TYR comes with a molded carbon fiber bucket seat that can swivel in place, allowing you to face either side of the kayak, in case you want to cast your bait while resting your legs. That seat is situated seven inches above the standing platform, which is covered in a layer of natural cork, providing the necessary traction you will need when angling on your feet. There’s a hatch out front that can be equipped with an optional 9-inch display, in case you want to use fancy electronic gear like sonars and such. That same hatch provides access to the cargo section of the kayak, where you can store any gear you want to keep covered up while you paddle.

Other features include a magnetic closure for the hatch (so it’s easy to open and close), magnets in place of latches for additional gear storage, and gear tracks on the bow and seat areas. According to the outfit, you can also use the rear to provide additional storage, while an optional “tailgate” accessory can be installed to close off the stern if you don’t plan to use the kayak in rough waters.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Apex Watercraft TYR. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $7,999.

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