Anker PowerHouse If you plan to go off grid longer than a weekend, forget the power bank and pick up Anker's 400Wh portable battery pack.


Power banks are great for charging phones, radios, and GPS devices a few times while off grid. If you need more power than what a pocket-sized battery can offer, though, it’s probably best to pick up something bigger like the Anker PowerHouse.

A 434Wh portable power supply, the device can charge a laptop fully up to 15 times and smartphones up to 40 times, as well as light a 15-volt lantern for over 100 hours, making for a heck of a lot more useful companion than a tiny power bank. It does that while fitting in a housing similar in size to larger camp lanterns, too, with a carry handle making it easy to move around at camp.


The Anker PowerHouse comes with an AC outlet, a 12V car socket, and four USB ports, so you can use it to power, practically, anything you decide to bring along to camp, from flashlights and smartphones to TVs and mini-fridges. Since charging a whole load of stuff can deplete that battery sooner than later, it’s compatible with many solar charging solutions, allowing you to replenish the battery from zero to full in 10 hours of exposure to direct sunlight.


A drop-tested aluminum enclosure ensures it can withstand rugged handling, while an integrated battery management system takes charge of the voltage and temperature control to provide adequate protection for any device or appliance you plug in. Do note, the AC output caps itself at 160 watts, so if you try to use it with high-wattage gear (e.g. a toaster), the port will turn itself off to prevent any damage.

Available now, the Anker PowerHouse is priced at $499.99.