Altor 560G Bike Lock Billed as the world’s strongest and lightest bike lock, this thing will withstand the nastiest attacks while providing convenient transport.


Yes, it’s way expensive for a bike lock. If you want the best protection for you bike, however, then you’ll have to give the Altor 560G a good load of consideration.

Billed as the world’s strongest and lightest bike lock, it boasts the ability to withstand the toughest attacks, without adding much heft to your everyday carry. Whether you leave your bike in crowded areas, isolated spots, or something in between, this thing should deliver better security while being more convenient to bring along than most standard bike locks.


The Altor 560G is made from grade 5 titanium, giving it an ultra-strong yet lightweight frame. It uses a disk detainer locking mechanism, similar to the ones you’ll find in high-end padlocks, with a folding design that collapses the whole thing into a straight bar, allowing it to slip conveniently inside a pants pocket or a bag pouch. When fully extended, it measures 26 inches long, so you should be able to fit this thing around even thicker posts and rails.


Not confident with just a single bike lock? You’re in luck, as the 560G is modular, allowing you to chain multiple units for added security and extra reach. Features include a durable and decorative anodized finish, a PVC coating to ensure it doesn’t scratch your bike frame, a bundled bike mount, and two belt straps for clipping it to your belt.

Available now, the Altor 560G is priced at $179.99.

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