Alpine ICE Cooler and Speaker This 56-quart cooler integrates a 90-watt two-channel speaker in its body, ready to pump tunes at your next tailgate or backyard party.


It’s not quite as overreaching as the do-it-all Coolest Cooler. The Alpine ICE (short for In-Cooler Entertainment), however, reinforces an erstwhile cooler with a badass two-channel speaker, combining two of the most common things you’re likely to bring during tailgates and campouts.

That’s right, this thing puts a Bluetooth speaker in the body of a 56-quart cooler, so it can blast out your favorite tunes at high volume while keeping all your beverages chilled. It packs powerful speakers, too, making for a legit way to enjoy your music even in noisy and crowded outdoor locations.


The Alpine ICE has a custom designed speaker system that house two 5.25-inch high-dynamic range woofers, 1-inch high-output tweeters, and 4 x 8-inch bass radiators to deliver a satisfying boom, with two 90-watt amplifiers allowing it to sustain high output levels while maintaining a warm and immersive sound. Since the cooler’s body houses the audio hardware, it comes with a strategically-designed shell that distributes air through unused areas to serve as a suitable speaker cabinet. Of course, the speakers are fully water-resistant, so you can drip ice, water, and crappy beer all over this thing without any worries.


As an ice box, it comes with a compartment that can accommodate 72 12oz. cans, rubber-sleeved nylon rope handles, a Bear Claw latch closure, and a two-inch plug-and-drain channel. Other features include an illuminated control panel for the speakers, a 3.5mm port for hooking up a phone, and dual cables so you can charge it from either a wall outlet or a car battery.

Available now, the Alpine ICE is priced at $1,500.

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