AllOuter Sweat Out Hat 2.0 Designed for hiking, running, and other activities that make you sweat, this hat has a built-in sweatband to keep all that salty fluid off your face.

It looks like any ordinary hat. You know, the kind you’ll wear to cover your months-long uncut hair when you go to the grocery to restock on supplies. And yes, you can use it like any ordinary hat.  The AllOuter Sweat Out Hat 2.0, however, hides a few clever tricks that might elevate it to your preferred headwear when heading out to work up a sweat.

You know how you’ll wear a hat to shade your eyes when running, cycling, or doing anything else during the day? Well, this hat does them one better by keeping sweat from dripping down your forehead, saving you from having to wipe down your face multiple times and getting the salty fluid on your eyes. That way, your hat doesn’t just keep glare out of your eyes, it keeps sweat from dripping down your face, too, making it doubly useful when heading out to get a little exercise.

The AllOuter Sweat Out Hat 2.0 doesn’t keep sweat away by cooling down your head while the rest of your body swelters in the sun. Instead, it comes with a sweatband lining the inner section of the hat, which absorbs all the sweat before it starts dripping down to your forehead and your face. That means, you don’t have to bother wiping your face every few minutes just to clear off all the sweat, allowing you to focus on your activity all through its duration.

To help minimize the sweating, it also comes with perforations on the sides and back, along with laser-cut mesh lining the front. We don’t know how long till the sweatband gets soaked and require to be drained off, though, but this simple design adjustment does allow you to get one frequent annoyance out of the way.

The AllOuter Sweat Out Hat 2.0 also has another clever trick discreetly integrated into it: cutouts on each side that can be used to hold your sunglasses. You know how you’ll usually put your sunglasses on top of your hat’s visor and secure the temple tips to your ears when you’re not wearing them? This one allows you to stash it a different way, using the cutouts to secure the temple tips, so you can keep the sunglasses on the hat without hooking it to your ears.

Sure, mounting your sunglasses that way isn’t an earth-shattering change, but it does feel more secure that way, since the tips are sandwiched between the hat and your head. The hat, by the way, is available in a variety of colors, in both curved and flat bill variants, so you can choose ones that will match whatever outfit you’re going with on any given day.

The AllOuter Sweat Out Hat 2.0 is available now, priced at $60.

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