Alcatel OneTouch 4G Car WiFi


Many new cars come with a built-in 4G WiFi hotspot, so everyone in the car can stay connected even while in the middle of a drive. Anyone with a fairly new car, though, isn’t likely to trade in their rides just to get an integrated hotspot, especially when you’ve got gear like the Alcatel OneTouch 4G Car WiFi.

Designed to work in any existing vehicle model, it’s a dongle that plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter for power, immediately creating a WiFi hotspot where everyone in the car can log onto. Whether you’re driving with friends on a night out, co-workers for a seminar, or family members to a reunion, this thing lets everyone keep up with their online activities, so you can keep swiping on Tinder, checking updates on Facebook, or monitoring for the perfect opportunity to use that new GIF you’ve been saving for an epic Twitter reply.


The Alcatel OneTouch 4G Car WiFi supports up to 15 simultaneous users, so it should accommodate everyone in the van, but might cause some friction once you’ve got a bunch of people trying to log on at the tailgate. It features a hinged design, so you can let it stick out or fold it flush against the dashboard, ensuring it doesn’t get in the way. Aside from providing a WiFi hotspot, it also comes with an integrated USB port, so you can charge mobile devices at the same time. It comes with an accompanying app (Android and iOS) for kicking out that dude from the other truck who said he’ll just check his email, but has been eating up your bandwidth doing dastardly things on his phone.

No word on pricing, but the Alcatel OneTouch 4G Car WiFi will go on sale starting October.