AKG N60 NC Headphones These headphones pair AKG's high-level reference sound with active noise canceling tech, ensuring it blocks both engine and people noise during travel.


Even if you’re not the type to wear headphones while making your way to school or work (the older you get, the less you appreciate the distractions, after all), there are many situations where headphones can come in handy. Traveling is one of them. The AKG N60 NC is built specifically for those situations, surrounding you with the sounds of your in-flight entertainment of choice while tuning out the surrounding noise.

Combining AKG’s Grammy-winning reference sound with what the company is calling “the ultimate noise cancelling tech,” the cans boast an unparalleled experience that any traveler can appreciate. Whether you’re dealing with engine noise on a plane, a noisy group of kids on the train, or just the general bustle at coach during a short flight, this thing will let you enjoy your music, movie, or podcast as if those outside distractions didn’t exist.


The AKG N60 NC pairs its vaunted clear acoustic signature and warm bass response with active noise-cancelling that, according to the outfit, lets you “be alone with your music.”   It’s wired, by the way, so you don’t quite get the benefit of cable-free listening, although that allows it to extend the active noise cancelling to a whopping 30 hours, ensuring it has enough juice to support you even through the longest flights. And, yes, it has passive noise cancellation, too, which kicks in once the battery drains out and you have no time to recharge.

Construction is built to match the exceptional sound quality, with aluminum, leather, and memory foam used throughout the headphones. Features include a 3D-axis folding mechanism for portability, an inline remote/mic, and a fully-accessorized travel package.

Available now, the AKG N60 NC is priced at $293.

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