Airofit Breathing Trainer Designed to provide an isolated workout for your respiratory muscles, this device improves your cardio without any physical fatigue.

Whether you prefer to bike, circuit train, or play sports to get your daily dose of physical workout, your breathing will have a lot to do with how intensely you can execute. Simply put, you can only train as much as your cardio will allow you to. It’s hard to take another step or do another rep if you can’t breathe, after all. While there are definitely workouts that can help improve your cardio performance, the Airofit offers a dedicated equipment that’s designed to build up your respiratory muscles.

That’s right, it’s a device that isolates your respiratory muscles, allowing you to train them exclusively during your off-hours. Even better, all you have to do is follow the breathing instructions from the companion app, so there’s no physical fatigue involved, allowing you to improve your overall respiratory function without putting the rest of your body through the grind like normal cardio workouts would require.

The Airofit consists of a device that you put in your mouth, such that any air you breathe in and breathe out your mouth goes through it, as well as a companion app that communicates with the device to help you go through a variety of training programs. The device, basically, controls the flow of air that goes in and out of your system, so it can alter the ease and difficulty by which you can breathe. A dial on the side allow you to set the difficulty level (less air flowing will make it more difficult), while another control lets you set whether the difficulty level applies to inhaling, exhaling, or both.

To use, simply put in the mouthpiece to your pie hole, turn it on, and it will automatically pair with the app. From there, you simply perform your workout for the day. According to the outfit, the workouts are set up as a progression system, so the exercises become more difficult as you get better at each session. And yes, the app knows exactly how you’re doing with each exercise, as built-in pressure sensors on the device lets it know whether you’re doing well or struggling with each workout, so it can help guide you through the process.

The Airofit supposedly works on three basic items during each training session. First is respiratory strength, which seeks to strengthen your diaphragm so that you inhale and exhale more air at any given amount of time. Second is anaerobic tolerance, which trains you in slowing down your breathing, as it can boost muscle oxygenation, prolong aerobic metabolism, and reduce lactic buildup. Lastly, it works on vital lung capacity, essentially improving your breathing efficiency and, ultimately, your respiratory system’s endurance.

Because breathing is such a big part of physical activity, it makes perfect sense that breathing better will allow you to perform better in them. From running up and down the court during a basketball game to riding mountain bikes up a trail, a stronger respiratory system should allow you to work harder, last longer, and maybe even smile for a picture instead of collapsing after a grueling training session is done.

The Airofit is available now, priced at $299.

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