Air Opus Pop-Up Inflatable Camper This pop-up camper trailer uses an inflatable tent for shelter, allowing it to set up in just 90 seconds.


Opus already has some of the most innovative camper designs in the market, thanks to their pop-up style setup, versatile cargo capabilities, and well-appointed interiors. With the Air Opus, however, the outfit does their previous designs one better.

Yes, it’s still a pop-up camper that folds out of an erstwhile large box, similar to their previous creations. As such, it’s also easy to tow while giving you a proper camper once you’ve landed on the campsite. This time, however, the whole thing ditches the hard tent frame for an inflatable design, allowing you to set up the pop-up camper with minimal work on your part.


Seriously, to set up the Air Opus, simply open the lid, secure the bed using the integrated poles, secure the corners of the tent to the edges of the platform, and engage the air pump. That’s it. From there, you just wait 90 seconds or so for the air bladders to fully inflate, after which you can go and enjoy your freshly set-up tent. That means, you don’t have to drive long hours to reach the campsite, only to have to spend your first hour there setting everything up, allowing you to spend those precious first few minutes taking a much-needed break.


Once set up, the Air Opus measures 13.5 feet long, with a floor area that, according to Opus, is larger than their standard pole awning. Inside, you get a U-shaped seating area with a table in the middle, a double bed, a stainless steel sink, dual hob gas stove, heating lighting, cargo space, skylights, and even a portable toilet. You can also opt to add a microwave, a three-way fridge, air-conditioning, a cinema system, and extension pods, so you can really trick this out to be a veritable home away from home.


Pricing for the Air Opus camper starts at $19,290. If you already own an Opus camper, the inflatable tent is also available on its own for $2,499.

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