Aether Dalton Sneaker Aether's first sneaker is here, bringing a design that's infused with elements from motorcycle gear to enhance protection and comfort.

It looks like a dressed-up Chuck Taylor. You know, those Chuck Taylor models that get premium uppers to give the street classic a more refined contemporary feel. Unlike Converse’s iconic footwear, though, the Aether Dalton Sneaker integrates elements used in motorcycling outfits to give it an extra layer of protection.

No, we don’t recommend you ditch the motorcycling boots and get on your Kawasaki Ninja with these casual sneakers on. These are not motorcycling shoes, after all. Instead, they use the moto elements to add even more comfort to the shoes, making it feel a whole lot nicer on your feet than that canvas Chuck Taylor you wore to oblivion back in college.

The Aether Dalton Sneaker uses D30, a shock-absorbing material they use to reinforce moto jackets and pants, at the ankles and midsole, taking the brunt of any impact you experience in those areas. The ankle padding is particularly noticeable, as it creates a big circular patch on the section where you would a logo to go, except the whole thing stays blank. It’s a nice style touch. According to the outfit, D30 is rate-sensitive, soft, and flexible, so you’ll be able to walk around without feeling constrained by the added material. How protective is this? We’re not actually sure, but if you’re the type of guy who regularly knocks your ankles on hard surfaces or steps on uncomfortable objects while getting around the streets, it’s definitely something you may be interested in.

The hi-top’s upper is cut in Italian leather, so this should be as hardwearing as any footwear you own that’s clad in animal hide. The entire upper, along with the eyelets and laces, are clad in a singular color to make a stark contrast with the white-and-blue outsole, although the top two rows of eyelets all get a slightly-accented version of the shade to give it just that little extra sizzle. Inside, the shoe is lined in soft Japanese leather, so it feels very different inside than outside.

The Aether Dalton Sneaker has a padded opening at the top of the shoe, as well as some light padding at the tongue, which should help make it a lot more comfortable for all-day wear. No word on what kind of outsole it’s using, but we imagine it’s a regular walking outsole for city gallivanting, since this looks like a perfect shoe for casual days around town.

The Aether Dalton Sneaker is available in three colorways. Price is $325.

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