Adventure Mate AM-V2 Camping Multi-Tool The second-generation of this five-in-one camping tool gives you a shovel, an axe, a saw, a hammer, and more.

Having good tools can make life in the outdoors a whole lot easier. Problem is, tools usually take extra room in your backpack and it’s space you may not be willing to spare if you’re trying to travel light. That predicament is what’s seen the rise of camping multi-tools and the Adventure Mate AM-V2 is one of the more interesting ones we’ve seen.

A five-in-one multi-tool, it gives you access to a quintet of indispensable outdoor function, all while carrying a single tool that you can conveniently strap down to your pack. Whether you want to clear an area for your fire, split logs for your cooking fuel, or improvise an extra pole for your tent, this thing can help you do all that and more, making it a very valuable tool at camp.

The Adventure Mate AM-V2 consists of a nylon handle that’s reinforced with carbon fiber for durability and covered with an ergonomic rubber grip, so it won’t slip while you’re hard at work. A two-stage cam locking mechanism on the handle allows you to attach one of three different heads at a time, immediately altering its function. According to the outfit, this locking mechanism creates a sturdy and tight fit that ensures a secure connection between the head and the handle at all times, so the hatchet blade won’t come flying at any point while you’re swinging the darn thing. Even better, it provides that secure hold, while allowing for easy detachment via the quick-release lever, so you can easily swap heads without having to go through laborious motions.

The first swappable head is a shovel that you can use to clear an area for your camp fire, as well as dig holes in the woods when you’re using nature as your personal toilet. The shovel head, by the way, has sharp enough edges that you can probably use for basic cutting duties, although one of the other two swappable heads should do a better job at those tasks.

The Adventure Mate AM-V2 also has an axe head that you can use to chop wood, slice meats, and fight off attacking bears, although it will probably be a good idea to just hide and let the bear do what it wants in the latter situation. Yeah, fighting off bears just never seems to work. Do note, the axe head is actually pretty small, so while it should be able to hack branches and split logs well enough, thicker chunks of wood will probably take a little more work. The top of the axe head actually integrates a hook that, the outfit claims, can be used to pull tent pegs, pop bottle caps open, and safely hold cookware over fire, while the opposite side of the axe head has a flat face that’s designed for use as a hammer.

The last head is a replaceable saw blade, which you can use for cutting wood with precision, so you can use it for improvising any items you might need for camp, whether it be a wooden peg to help secure the tent or a stand for holding your gear at an elevated height. A smaller axe head is integrated on the side of the saw head, so you can use it for light chopping jobs without having to swap to the larger axe head.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Adventure Mate AM-V2. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $219.

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