Adidas x Jeremy Scott Shark Shoes Remember the various iterations of Jeremy Scott's insane Wings shoes for Adidas? Those actually feel comparatively tame next to his new silhouette, which is designed to look like a shark that also looks like a 1950s-era classic car.


You either loved or loathed the various iterations of Jeremy Scott’s Wings sneakers. It just one of those pieces that inspired extreme reactions on both ends of the spectrum. Regardless of how you feel about them, he’s, apparently, not done doing even crazier things for the three-striped sportswear company. The latest: this even more insane Adidas x Jeremy Scott Shark Shoes.

Instead of wings on the back ankles, the new footwear dresses the Tech Street Mid silhouette with very large and visually-pronounced shark fins. While the colorway suggests it’s totally inspired by that nasty predator of the oceans, the fins actually come with red LED brake lights, similar to the ones you’ll find on the tailfins of classic cars. So, yeah, it’s a sneaker that’s both a shark and an automobile from the 1950s.


Billed as “the luxury vehicle of sneakers,” the Adidas x Jeremy Scott Shark Shoes actually go heavy on the classic car details, throwing in two of those brake lights in each molded fin, with a candy-coated glitter finish that gives it the kind of shine those rides usually look their best in. The whole thing is blue on blue on blue, with the unified color broken up only by a white mid-sole and white laces, which, we have to admit, actually works like a charm.   Features include a large 3D-printed Trefoil on the tongue, leather lining, and, despite trying to look like a car, no actual wheels on the outsole because this is Adidas not Heelys.


The Adidas x Jeremy Scott Shark Shoes is priced at $280.