Adidas Velosamba Adidas turned the iconic Samba into a casual cycling shoe, complete with a full-length internal plate and two-bolt cleat for daily riding.

With over 35 million pairs sold since its 1950 release, the Adidas Samba is the sportswear giant’s second best-selling shoe of all time, just behind the Stan Smith. While originally designed for football, it’s evolved to become a streetwear staple in nearly every single decade that followed. With the Adidas Velosamba, the outfit turns the iconic silhouette into a cycling shoe, allowing you to ride your favorite road bike all over town without having to compromise your sneaker game.

That’s right, they turned the Samba into a real cycling shoe, complete with a full-length internal plate and a two-bolt cleat, so you won’t be slipping off the pedal the way you would when wearing regular sneakers. No, it’s not a hardcore shoe for road cycling, mountain biking, or any serious training, but if you want a proper pair of shoes that work as well on the pedals as it does on the pavement, this thing gets you that with a whole load of sneaker style in tow.

The Adidas Velosamba uses the exact same upper as the regular Samba. You get those classic three stripes, T-toe, and wide tongue that characterized the original, along with a sole that looks very similar to the silhouette’s gum sole. Of course, it’s not exactly the same. That sole is equipped with a full-length internal plate to add some much needed stiffness to the footwear, ensuring it helps stabilize the foot while you pedal furiously down the road. They also threw in a two-bolt cleat that allows you to attach the shoe to any SPD pedal, ensuring your feet are always in contact with the pedals every time your leg pushes to propel the bike forward.

These are meant as casual cycling shoes, by the way, so the cleats are recessed, allowing you to use the shoes to walk around without the hardware getting in the way. Like any casual riding shoes, though, it’s still best to limit your time on foot with these things, since they are still way stiffer than standard sneakers, which makes it more difficult to move around. Yeah… you don’t want to be running while wearing these things.

The Adidas Velosamba boasts a reinforced insole that provides a more secure heel fit, so your feet never ends up slipping out of the shoe when you’re pedaling like a madman. To help improve your visibility during nighttime rides, they add a reflective coating to the three stripes on the sides and a blinker on the heel, ensuring parts of the shoe stand out visibly when you’re riding in low light conditions.

The shoe gets a coated leather upper and a textile lining, so it looks great on the outside and feels comfortable inside. To retain the Samba styling, they kept the lace closure, too, so it’s not going to be as convenient as those Velcro strap closures you find in many cycling footwear. Hey… it’s a worthy trade if you don’t want to compromise on style.

The Adidas Velosamba is available now, priced at $120.

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