Adidas Superstan An unholy mashup of the Stan Smith and the Superstar, this Frankenstein shoe is a beautiful homage to two iconic silhouettes.

Whenever talk of the most iconic sneaker comes up, there are names that always seem to appear on the list. The Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoe and the Adidas Superstar basketball low-top, a pair of silhouettes first released in the 1960s, are two of them. Not only are they acclaimed as absolute classics, they continue to sell well over five decades later. Heck, many of you probably have both in your shoe rack right now. If you want to make a new shoe that also sells well, why not just combine those two into one sneaker? That’s exactly what they did with the Adidas Superstan, an unholy mashup of two of the greatest sneakers in the history of footwear.

We know, combining two sneakers into one seems like a recipe for disaster. As in, it’s a surefire way to make a shoe that looks like it’s trying way too hard. Fortunately enough, that’s not what happened here, as the folks behind the triple stripe appear to put together a winner, turning out a shoe that combines both without looking like an absolute Frankensteined monstrosity.

The Adidas Superstan looks like a standard Stan Smith at first glance, as it uses that silhouette’s cleanly-styled upper, complete with the perforated three stripes and the contrast heel tab. Of course, a closer look at the shoe will make you ask, “Why the heck does the Stan Smith have a rubber shell toe,” which is a signature element of the Superstar that provides toe protection for those times another player steps on your foot on court. It also takes the outsole from that of the basketball shoe, so it’s a bit thicker compared to your regular Stan Smiths, as well as the padded tongue, in place of the Smith’s leather.

The upper, by the way, is full grain leather, so it should have a very stiff feel, making it a sort of halfway mix between the two shoe models. It should also be heavier than the quintessential tennis shoe, courtesy of the chunkier cupsole, padded tongue, and shell toe protection. So yeah, it kinda looks like a Stan Smith with a twist, but should feel very different.

Because the Adidas Superstan looks a lot like the tennis shoe that inspired it, we imagine this thing will wear nicely with any outfits you usually put on with that classic footwear, whether it be shorts, joggers, or a sporty pair of your favorite chinos. That means, this shoe can easily find a place in your everyday rotation, allowing you to quickly integrate it into your daily attires. Is it better than a regular Stan Smith? We guess that depends on your personal tastes, but we do appreciate the subtle changes that the new outsoles and the shell toe are able to bring to the footwear.

The Adidas Superstan is available in three colorways: white/green, white/scarlet, and white/navy. Of course, it’s still got a Stan Smith pedigree, so the darn thing has to stay white at all times. It’s available now, priced at $80.

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