Adidas Boost Urban Hiker Adidas takes the classic hiker boot, dresses it with a dose of urban style, and injects it with technical innovation.


Adidas probably isn’t the first name you look up when shopping for shoes to wear in the trail. Heck, they probably aren’t even on the list. Regardless, you’ll probably want to throw them in the mix now because this Adidas Boost Urban Hiker is so hot, it will cook any roadkill you unwittingly step on. Finally… dinner.

Armed with the outfit’s Boost technology, the shoes should deliver the same innovative cushioning that you get from their popular three-striped runners, providing both unmatched energy return, adaptability, and soft comfort with every stride. Whether you’re hiking up a rocky slope, treading down a slippery hill, or just walking around town because your car got stolen, these shoes should help make each adventure a more enjoyable affair.


The Adidas Boost Urban Hiker takes the classic hiker silhouette and gives it a hip urban flair, turning up a shoe that will look as good in the mountains as it will in the city streets. Yes, it really doesn’t look like any Adidas shoe you’ve tried on before, but we guess that’s the point and that’s why it feels so fresh. The Boost midsole, by the way, is joined by a Continental Rubber outsole that the company claims can deliver at least 30 percent more traction in both wet and dry conditions, as well as an EVA midsole layer for long-term cushioning. Sitting atop the sole is a lightweight, breathable, and water-repellent Primaloft upper, which boasts a microfiber structure that can help your feet retain warmth and conserve energy for those extended hikes in the middle of cold season.


Available in three colorways, the Adidas Boost Urban Hiker is priced at $180.